Operations Director // Full-time

The Operations Director should:

• Thrive when leading, delegating, and organizing all things operations. 

• Enjoy building and leading volunteer teams.

• Be exceptionally organized with a mind for operations.

• Have an eye for details and the capacity to see the big picture.

• Be a strong communicator and have a high tolerance for stress.

• Be able to inspire and motivate others to serve.

• Have a strong ability to develop volunteer leaders.

• Have experience in managing finances of a large organization.

• Be willing to meet Vale Church partnership requirements.

You are responsible for:

• Overseeing all Human Resource and Financial processes and policies. 

• Processing payroll and serve as the liaison for the payroll company.

• Managing the counting and deposits of weekend service gifts.

• Overseeing all cafe operations, ordering, and finances.

• Enter all individual in-service gifts to Vale’s database.

• Manage the use of church buildings, assets, and grounds.

• Oversee and coordinate all funerals on site.

• Manage all snow removal and lawn care for the Bloomington and Peoria locations.

• Oversee all financial transactions, accounts payable and receivables.

• Monitor all bills and expenses on a daily basis.

• Cut and distribute checks for expenses and reimbursements.

• Manage the cleaning and maintenance of church grounds and buildings.

• Develop and adhere to a budget for the church’s operational needs.

• Serve as the liaison between all staff and Vale’s bookkeeper to provide a master expense report of all weekly credit card expenses.

• Work with the the Lead & Executive Pastor to identify future infrastructure needs for the church.

• Work with the Finance Team to ensure the church’s property has a necessary amount of insurance to mitigate appropriate risk.

• Work with contractors, architects, subcontractors, and other vendors on buildings/grounds projects.

• Serve as a liaison with various governmental agencies regarding all property & payroll taxes.

• Work with outside groups using the church facilities to ensure proper care is given to church property, and manage any contracts or agreements with those groups.

• Manage all staff that serve as part of the operations team.

The Operations Director:

• Reports to the Executive Pastor.

• Oversees the Vale Operations Teams (Facilities Manager, Facilities Associate, & Bookkeeper).

• Sits on the HR & Finance volunteer teams.

• Is part of the Central Support Team.

**The Operations Director will work out of Vale’s Bloomington location.

If you would like to apply for this job please email your resume to and complete our job application here.

Family Pastor // Full-time

A drive to see people come to know Christ? You’ve got it. A heart to serve? Check. A positive attitude? You bet. A place to nurture your skills, passions, and talents as you lead others to become fully devoted followers of Christ? That’s where we come in. 

Our goal at Vale Church is that you won’t be just a new hire—you’ll be a leader we can’t wait to empower, a learner we can’t wait to teach, and a follower of Christ we can’t wait to grow alongside.

Here at Vale Church, our Family Ministry is devoted to leading families on the path to becoming fully devoted followers of Christ. By teaching truth through God’s Word and being culturally relevant, staff and volunteer leaders develop relationships with students during weekly experiences, small groups, and serving opportunities. 

We are currently looking for a talented and passionate Family Pastor to grow with us in their leadership. If you connect well with both adult leaders and students, desire to lead well, cast vision, and keep Vale’s values and culture a priority in your sphere of influence, then Vale Church is the place for you. 

You're "it" if you are:

• Knowledgeable in Family Ministry with at least three years of experience of leading large ministries (+300)

• Experienced in developing and motivating both adults and students to become leaders

• Driven to be great with a purpose to help others do the same

• Called the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of communication skills by your peers

• Experienced in leading and developing a paid staff

• Awesome at communicating and relating to others, especially young people and their parents

You'll be happy here if you enjoy:

• Building a relational and vision-driven team

• Identifying, training, and inspiring adult volunteers and student leaders

• Developing and growing staff and key volunteers to have a greater capacity of leadership

• Finding creative solutions to accomplish the overall mission of Vale Church

• Overseeing weekly worship experiences that include many technical component

• Being a team player who collaborates with all ministries during weekend experiences

You'll win if you:

•  Can start a chant in a crowded space 

• Have a proven track record in growing a team of people and inspiring them to action to achieve a common goal

• Can PREACH God’s word in a culturally relevant way 

• Make us laugh

Submit your resume and 2 teaching samples to if you're interested in this position and meet the qualifications, and complete our job application here.