Bloomington Facilities Director // Full-time

Assuring successful operation and function of the church's building and grounds. Here is what to expect:

The Facilities Director is someone who:

• Is hardworking and motivated

• Enjoys meeting the needs of other people

• Is able to solve problems in real time

• Can get along with people of any age or background

• Is able to break complex issues into easy-to-follow action items

• Will take responsibility and get things done

• Can keep the confidential parts of ministry confidential

• Embraces customer service as key part evangelism at Vale Church

• Is organized and puts the most important things first

• Doesn't have all the answers but is willing to ask questions to find out

• Is willing to meet Vale Church's core values

As the Facilities Director, you are responsible for:

• All repairs and preventative maintenance for Vale's Bloomigton facility

• Creating weekly cleaning schedules for yourself and the Facilities Associate

• Managing and performing yard maintenance in accordance with Vale's standards

• Managing the upkeep of Vale's preventative maintenance program and records

• Handling all internal and external repairs of the facility

• Coordinating all auto maintenance and repairs

• Managing volunteer teams who help with the maintenance and cleaning of the church property

• Serving as one of Vale's liaisons for vendors and other miscellaneous repair companies

• Assisting in the oversight of the Facilities Associate

The Facilities Director:

•  Reports to the Operations Director

• Works out of Vale's Bloomington location

Submit your resume to if you're interested in this position and meet the qualifications, and complete our job application here.

NextGen Admin & Communications Assistant // Full-time // Bloomington Location

This position is unique in that the person filling it will be working with the NextGen Team, coordinating events and administrative tasks, as well as all other ministries here at Vale to ensure communication is understandable, accurate, and consistent.

NextGen Admin duties

• Follow up with first-time guest experiences weekly

• Coordinate, communicate and update the calendar for all NextGen events

• Complete background checks for potential Vale Kids and Vale Youth volunteers

• Respond to any email inquiries about our NextGen programming or events

• Order supplies necessary for weekends and events for Vale Kids and Vale Youth

• Manage childcare worker hours and childcare check-in for weekends and special events

Communications Assistant duties

• Maintain a consistent image, voice, and message across all platforms and ministries at Vale

• Write Vale News scripts for each week

• Create or edit print, email, and web content

• Coordinate between ministries to make sure they're on the same page when it comes to events and how they should be communicated

• This position reports to the Ministries Pastor

If you or someone you know are interested in this position, please submit your resume to and complete the job application here.