Operations Admin // Part-time

When you ask us what we do at Vale Church, you won’t just get a job description; you’ll hear a story. We are passionate about using our talents for God’s purposes, and that’s why we’ve dedicated our careers to a ministry, not just a job title. We have the privilege of developing more and better disciples of Jesus. As we do, our staff family works in a fun, fast, and friendly culture. Here is what to expect.

The Operations Director will involve the Operations Assistant in executing various tasks of Vale Church Operations to achieve a positive team culture, including but not limited to:

• Leading, delegating, and organizing all things operations

• Building and leading volunteer teams

• Keeping an eye on details and maintaining the capacity to see the big picture

• Inspiring and motivating others to serve

• Developing volunteer leaders

• Managing finances

Your primary daily responsibilities will be:

• Assisting the Operations Director in all human resource and financial processes and policies

• Overseeing and participating in Vale's volunteer counting team

• Assisting in processing payroll

• Managing all inventory and ordering of office supplies

• Assisting with all operational needs of Vale's cafe (balance drawers, order supplies, vendors)

• Managing vendor relationship with our printer company

• Managing the church-wide calendar

• Assisting with all on-boarding of new employees (travel arrangements, paperwork, physical property disbursement, etc.)

• Overseeing and scheduling the facility's AC/heat

• Assisting with AR & AP

• Monitoring all bills and expenses on a daily basis

• Cutting checks and reimbursements on a weekly basis

• Managing and monitoring Vale's warehouse accounts

• Assisting with developing and adhering to church-wide budgets

• Providing a master expense report of all weekly credit card expenses

• Assisting Operations Director with all aspects of Building Capital Campaigns and Projects

The Operations Assistant:

•  Reports to the Operations Director

• Works alongside the Bookkeeper

• Works out of Vale's Bloomington location 

Submit your resume to if you're interested in this position and meet the qualifications, and complete our job application here.