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Vale Care

About Vale Care

Vale Care follows Christ’s example of courageous compassion, being His hands and feet, offering resources for support, Biblical encouragement, and prayer during critical and transitional moments of life. This is God’ s “explosive love” for His people, through His people… We offer prayer visits to those in need, either homebound or hospitalized; funeral planning/bereavement support, weddings, and new baby welcomes.

For those looking to apply for benevolence, you must first fill out the form below.

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Prayer Ministry

Here at Vale Church we recognize our dependence on God in all we do. Prayer is the foundation upon which our church and our lives are built. The Prayer Ministry provides prayer support to our church ministries, our pastors and staff, our people, and needs around the world. We also seek to educate, empower and inspire others in their prayer lives. 

If you have a heart for intercession and wish to consider serving with our Prayer Ministry, please contact Rich Kiefer, at

Vale Prayer Blanket

The concept is to wrap Vale Church in a blanket of prayer throughout the week. Prayer Blanket partners receive a weekly list of prayer needs regarding the ministries and outreach of our church, and commit to pray for a minimum of 5 minutes every day for these requests. While 5 minutes doesn’t seem like much time, the impact of our commitment consistently takes the needs of our church and her people before the throne in increasingly powerful ways in these exciting days here at Vale. Are you willing and available? We look forward to talking with you.