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We know that life can feel overwhelming at times and you may feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. Our pastors are available to help you take next steps. While we do not offer clinical counseling at Vale Church, our pastoral counselors are trained in helping you take next steps to grow in your faith and provide clarity from God’s Word on next steps. To schedule a meeting with one of our pasters, simply click HERE to fill out the form.


The following is a list of recommended professional Christian counseling organizations in the greater Bloomington/Normal area. We support the work that each of these organizations are doing to bring health, internal peace, and restoration to our communities. We would like to remind you that an effective counseling relationship is dependent upon your level of trust and ease of communication with your counselor.

Before contacting any counselor, we also advise you to check with your insurance provider to find out if they cover counseling or other mental healthcare services. Be sure to obtain the full details of what types of services are covered. Ask about which centers are in your company’s network, and whether your coverage changes at all if you see an out-of-network provider.

Click HERE for a list of certified counseling organizations.


If you are currently having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Center immediately at 1-800-273-8255 or visit They have trained professionals that want to speak with you and offer support.

If you are a veteran who suffers from suicidal thoughts linked to your time in the military, please text “OpOrder” to 97000 or visit for additional resources.


If you are struggling with addiction and the amount of control it has over your life, we can provide emotional and spiritual support while you seek professional help with this addiction. In your journey to recovery, we have members who can help support you with a 12-step program and are willing to support you as you discover God’s plan for your life. If you would like to connect with someone simply click HERE to fill out a form.


If you have lost a loved one and are looking for someone who can help you in your grief and move through this time in your life, we have members and groups that can help you. Our pastors will do their best to assist those who are experiencing loss. We also have people who are trained in grief counseling to help you in this time. We offer GriefShare which is a grief recovery support group that allows you to connect with other people in community. For more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.


If you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with cancer, there are resources available to help.

There are online groups available for those who have been diagnosed with cancer as well as for the caregivers of diagnosed loved ones. They provide support with a community of people who are facing similar struggles.

Additionally, there is an organization that can connect you with survivors who are willing to support you and walk alongside you during treatment.


Do you attend online and wish to receive communion? We have a member of the church who is able to come to your home and celebrate communion with you. For more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.


Are you in the middle of a situation where you are unsure of where to turn? We have members of the church who will come alongside you and help you navigate this next step and assist you with finding the support you need to move forward. For more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.


Are you or a family member struggling with an eating disorder? We have a member of the church who will provide support and connect you with counseling as you put God in control and take back the life He wants for you. For more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.


You are moving toward marriage and have made the commitment to each other. We have pre-marital counseling available through the church as well as married couples who are willing to answer questions and support you as you begin the steps to uniting two individuals into one couple. For more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.

Engaged and looking for pre-marriage counseling? Check out our marriage resources page.


If you have recently become a foster parent or you feel called to become a foster parent and are looking for some support in this role, we have church members who can help. We would love to connect you with church members and a local group who can help answer your questions and support you in this amazing calling that God has for your life. For more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.


Are you interested in pursuing homeschool options with your family? Are you currently homeschooling your children and have questions about different curriculums or methods of teaching? We have members of the church who are currently homeschooling their children and would love to come alongside you and help you navigate these questions and provide you with resources that can assist you in making these important decisions for your family. For more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.


Do you have a family member that has recently been placed on hospice? Is this all new and you are looking for answers or help understanding this process? We have a member of the church who will come alongside you as you walk this path. They can provide some help in understanding the process within hospice and help with answering questions along the journey. For more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.


When illness or injury strikes, we are impacted emotionally and spiritually. If you or someone you know, is hospitalized, our pastors and hospital visitation team are available to visit with you and your loved ones for prayer and encouragement. To request visitation or more information simply HERE to fill out a form.


Marriage is a new adventure for a couple and we want to offer you the opportunity to grow together as a couple and with God. We have amazing couples in the church who are willing to come alongside you as you begin to navigate both the blessings and struggles that come with marriage. These couples will listen and provide support as you grow in your marriage.

We believe in you and your spouse and we want to help your marriage thrive? Head over to our Marriage Resources page to learn more about the ways that you can invest in your marriage, or for more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.


Are you struggling with your mental health and not sure where to turn for support? We have members of the church who are certified through the American Academy of Christian Counselors as mental health coaches. They can provide support in this time of need or refer you to a counselor who will be able to provide additional assistance. If you would like more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.


Understanding budgets and other financial matters can be difficult for single people as well as for married couples. The church offers opportunities twice a year to attend Financial Peace courses. We can also connect you with members of the church who are trained through Illinois State University and can assist you with understanding your finances and helping you make a budget and implement a plan to take control of your financial matters. If you would like more information simply click HERE to fill out a form.


Each week, Vale pastors and staff pray for your requests and needs. We’d love to pray for you and celebrate your praise reports! Prayer is a vital part of our walk with God. Vale Church believes in the power of prayer and our dedicated, confidential Prayer Team wants to lift your requests to God throughout the week. Simply click HERE to submit your request today.


Life can be tough, especially when you are struggling financially or emotionally. We’d love to help and walk alongside you – no matter the need. Our benevolence fund exists to help out Church families who are struggling. To apply for support from the church, simply fill out the form HERE and we will be in touch.

Additionally, there are many resources right here in Bloomington/Normal available to those in need. Check out this list of organizations that may be able to help you!